Commercial Use of Microwaves

Image result for Commercial Use of MicrowavesMicrowave ovens are common feature in households around the world. They are used in the preparation, cooking and reheating of food and liquids for consumption. But what other uses are there for microwave energy? In this article we look at commercial uses for microwave ovens outside of the food industry and domestic application.

The common kitchen appliance we call the microwave oven is a convenient means to heat and reheat food and liquid in the home. But the technology which allows us to cook food in this manner has many more applications in a range of commercial settings. Compact microwave oven

Microwaves have many commercial uses apart from the ones you may already know about. For example, microwaves are used in mobile phones. They are created by a transmitter chip and relayed through an antenna. These chips can be very small, but therefore have a limited range. This is why you see so many mobile phone transmitter towers around, if you are too far away from one you will no receive any signal to your phone.

Microwaves are also used in fixed speed cameras. These cameras can be aimed at the front or rear of the car. These cameras aim a radar beam (radio detection and ranging) at the road and the speed of any passing car is calculated by the time it takes for the signal to return. If the car is going faster than the pre-set limit the camera comes into operation. The antenna location is critical, as if it is not placed in exactly the right position the camera may become inaccurate.

Another less known commercial use for microwaves is in satellite television and communications. The first commercial home satellite television receiver was created in 1978 by Microcomm, founded by an amateur radio and satellite engineer and enthusiast by the name of H. Paul Shuch. The satellite dish is a type of antenna which receives microwaves from communication satellites. These satellites transmit the broadcasts we see on satellite television.

GPS devices are another use for microwaves in the commercial world. GPS stands for global positioning system. GPS was first designed and developed by the US military for theirs and civilian use. A network of 24 satellites and ground stations form the GNSS network (global navigation satellite systems), with civilians being allowed to use the standard system at no cost; however you still have to pay for the GPS unit and any associated service subscriptions where applicable. GPS is used for many reasons, Company cars and vans may have a GPS attached so they company who owns the car knows its location at all times. Security vans and those carrying valuables will usually have a GPS fitted to them to help track the vehicle if it is missing or stolen. Many of us use GPS as a means of navigating to a new location whether on foot or by car. Microwave signals are transmitted by three satellites which calculate the user’s location and send the information to the GPS device giving a wealth of information including precise location and current speed.