Beginner Baby Care Products

Baby food supplements
Mother’s milk is a must for the child and it is the best food it can get during the growth phase.Doctors advise young mothers never to shun away from this duty.

Apart from mother’s milk, after around 6 months, the parents can start on solid foods after consulting their doctor. Fruits, vegetables and grains can be fed and the parents can also try food supplements available in the market. While choosing such products, try opting for items that are made of natural ingredients and are organic. There are different flavours of food supplements available and this is good way to introduce the child to different flavours.

Feeding bottles and dishes
Any utensil/bottle/spoon used for a kid needs to be sterilized and clean. Change the nipples of bottles regularly and make sure it is cleaned every time after use. If plastic utensils and bottles are used, it is necessary to check if they are toxic free and safe for the child.

Diapers are very necessary until the kid is old enough to use the toilet when in need. Diapers come in different sizes the right ones can be chosen. Diapers need to be soft and not cause rashes in the kid’s skin. Do not go for diapers that are cheaper. You could be compromising on the quality. When buying for the first time, it is advisable to buy a small pack first before investing in bulk. Our website provides info about  beginnerbabycare

Most parents make a mistake in choosing the type of clothing for their kids. Though kids look adorable in jeans and frills and layers of other fashionable dress, it is important to keep the child comfortable. Stick on to thin cotton one/two piece cloths during summer. It absorbs sweat and keeps the child’s skin safe. Keep the ears, feet and palm covered during winter and use thick layers of cloth that is soft and keeps the child warm during winters

In the initial few months it is necessary to keep changing cloths and hence opt for materials that are easier to wash. Also remember that your kids keep growing during this phase. It is not wise to invest on cloths that are very expensive.

Detergents for cloths
Never wash your kid’s cloths together with the adult dresses. Always use detergents that are mild and free of harsh chemicals. When the cloths are washed, make sure the detergent is completely rinsed off before drying.

Skin care products
A child’s skin is very sensitive and different to that of an adult. Hence soaps, shampoos and other skin care products that suit us may be very harsh on a child’s skin. There are products designed specifically for a child that keeps the skin soft, supple and hydrated.

These shampoos and soaps do not smart the eyes and are comparatively better during this phase. Choose products that are free of artificial color and fragrance.

It is also advisable to keep a bottle of a mild baby lotion nearby to make sure the kid’s skin stays hydrated.

Kid’s toys
During the initial stages, it is only common that most kids like to chew/suck on their toys or whatever they lay their hands on. Keep the surroundings clean and make sure the toys do not contain parts small enough to be swallowed. Make sure the toys you buy are certified to be non toxic and safe for the child.

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