About Best Teen Fiction Books

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Young people’s reading habits are a beacon to publishers, who are flocking to capture this growing market. Despite the flood of media available to children at all times, American children have not abandoned reading.

Publishers are capitalizing on data reported at the end of 2014. Statistics compiled by companies such as Nielsen and the American Association of Publishers showed that the thirteen-to-nineteen-year-olds are dedicated readers. Sales of juvenile nonfiction gained by 15.6 percent over the previous year’s sales, and children’s fiction sales gained by 12 percent.I strongly suggest you to visit books for teen girlsĀ  to learn more about this.

A Broad Market
Publishers’ offerings have to appeal to parents and children alike. According to research by PlayCollective and Digital Book World, parents and children contribute almost equally to the decision about what children read on their electronic devices.

Other research shows that children and teens are interested in both print and digital books. Conflicting findings have been reported: PlayCollective found a surge in children’s use of e-books, but Scholastic reported that youth prefer print to digital. The take-home message is that a sales and marketing strategy has to incorporate both styles of books.

Attracting Young Readers
Penguin Random House’s new online resource, named “Brightly,” combines the worlds of digital and print media. This site aspires to encourage parents to develop their children’s reading habits. With book recommendations, tips to promote reading, and recommendations for reading-related activities, readbrightly.com aims to make reading a central activity in every household. Its content is accessible to young families through the social-media platforms they already use, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers has developed a publishing program based on Lego, the perennially popular toy brand. Its first products will be three graphic novels that feature the imagination and creativity of Lego toys. Partnering with a well-known entity in the youth market and initiating a series of comic-style books are smart strategies for drawing in young readers.The novels will also be available as e-books, broadening their appeal.